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By all measures, it’s been a pretty crappy year. Sayonara 2021, it’s been real. We looking forward to 2022 and to welcoming you to South Africa. We have not lost our spirit, bring it on. #shootcapetown #filmshoot #December #festiveseason #Dezemba
South Africa is off the UK red list! That means no more quarantine for returning to the UK. Which means we have the fire ready and the food sizzling. All that’s missing is you…
Congrats @pulsefilms and @s45mpling for your Campaign stanning. #2 Prodco and #3 director. Also our spot #wethe15 making top 15 commercials of the year. Go Sam! Go Pulse! Go Gatehouse!
Happy thanksgiving y’all. Hope you have a wonderful holiday, love all of us at Gatehouse.
New Honda commercial we did with Spoon Films and MakeMake Entertainment. Thanks go to @blackgingertv @makemakeentertainment and to all of our Namibia crew. #honda #namibia #makemake #powerofdreams #tvc #tvcommercial #filmmaking
Happiest of birthdays @kimfowfow and @karlapiranha - we love you guys!!!!!
Bernice and Laila on set today. Yayyyy we shooting!!
May you be inscribed for a healthy and happy year. With love from everyone at Gatehouse.
Just Melissa posing with her impressive covid testing schedule for our next shoot. Kudos to her for all the hard work that went into this.
Now you know who we are talking about when a Gatehouse bidder says “we’ve got Ninon pencilled for production design”. #gevokmaargefokus #goodcrazy
Jade is vaxxed!!!!!! #defeatisastateofmind #missoutonthrheavenlyglory #theartoffiggtingwithoutfighting
Vanessa’s vaccinated!!!!
New work for Sam Pilling and Pulse Films. Paralympics - #wethe15 #shootcapetown #weareready #production #filmproduction
Tannie Karin was in Namibia with Laila (not pictured) for a shoot last week. Here is a wonderful photo of her with canine friend (pictured).
Insert joke about giraffe crane
Stellenbosch does suburbia really well (no fences or walls around the houses).
Dean’s been at it again in Stellenbosch.
Look! It’s happy Dean. Well… as happy as Dean gets. 🤣🤣🤣
Happy birthday to birthday girl Denise. What a way to start your 40’s - all vaccinated and stuff.