In a Nutshell:

Gatehouse Commercials is a focused, highly professional boutique for commercial facilitation.

According to our clients, our point of divergence lies in the quality of personal interaction you’ll encounter all down the production line.

We are here to get your job done as slickly, swiftly and surely as possible – taking care that our diligence and attention to detail never become intrusive.

You won’t be harassed by dilettantes, drama queens or supernova egos. And we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

… At the same time, there are some things we do take pretty seriously: things like deadlines, budgets, clients and having fun.


Let’s do lunch!
They say that “a family that eats together stays together”, so we have a great Gatehouse tradition of communal lunching (shoot schedule permitting!).

It’s a great time to catch our collective breath, compare notes, and get in some constructive team talk.

Although we don’t really stop working (we have a phone at the table), we believe that this time together is crucial to who we are and how we operate.