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Who's Your Daddy?

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Who's Your Daddy?

Who is your father, many experienced players, the player serves as an intermediary, Daddy play as such, it serves as a child. Baby Daddy focus of their day (which really only takes a few number of minutes) to keep the house safe. At the same time, the goal is to stick a fork child at the mall, while bathing in the oven, or taking a nasty fall, killing and “won” round. Then switch roles, and players start again.

Unfortunately, poor baby

There is not much other to say if the basic premisegame. udhibitini simple: two players to the left and one for the mouse buttons, and use the arrow keys to move and reach their goals. Daddy go faster, of course, but it should be! Daddy drag items, solid physics and Baby assistance, and child-proof house is not baby proofed, bleach and battery, the family is waiting to break the glass tablets, due, partly glass eating, family badagaraje car hits the wall, it exploded. mtotoDaddy fed drugs and fruit can cure (without consequences) … if they have shadein green has turned to represent their ailments and injuries.


Each player takes turns as Daddy, then as Baby in the round. This is an important feature and only oorweegbeide play very different from the middle. work Baby Daddy is sure to be seen, but instead of filling can be adjusted Daddy gogorragoalanetan in powerups. Has the battery in the smoke detector or as saayote toy toy box, for example, there is a possibility that she is “reaching father”, leaving him to see throughwalls. Baby do not get power-ups, but it was not so: Daddy is small enough to hide, then he jumped out of the shower, they’re back!

verlede’n blast

This may seem like a good thing or a bad thing, since the beginning of the game, but who is not your father dute.earthen great graphics, realistic colors, cartoonish style games such as Sims and mid-2000s. wahusikaidadi and textures of objects in the house is definitely not professionals. Animation is more love “Jumpy” is described as. But it is difficultlaugh, can be located before the oven Daddy, heeltemalvoorraad-quietly and clearly shows at his command to Baby.

safe bet

In general, if your Daddy Who could not enjoy the kind soinuakJoko, it probably is. Given how easy it is to get in the game, and how easy it is to start playing, kunahatari reduction. All you really need to find like-minded friends (or more!), Copies of the game and willingness to down and dirty in a suburban house to get into the depth of one troublemakerthe two goalkeepers.

Who is your father? It’s up to you!

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