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Tena for DLKW / LOWE

It was with great joy that we confirmed this Tena job (even we do love all jobs great and small) as it was produced by Stephanie Cleak, an old dear friend, who we got to work with for the first time.

We also got to meet Tony, one of the nicest blokes that we have ever worked with, as well as Beate, Heike and Richard “What a lovely holiday” the photographic assistant.

A long dinner was had at The Bungalow, which is fast becoming a new favourite of ours, and everybody bonded over stories and Iona Sauvignon Blanc .

Alan G, the Gatehouse Producer, made sure everything went swimmingly and it was with regret that we bid them all farewell at breakfast at the Nellie.

Tony, who looks nothing like Lee Evans

Stephanie and Tony