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Stills from the W+K shoot for Nokia

Well Mel and most of the team are gone, wending their way back around the world. Zubin is in Sutherland with Torben and Brad busy looking up at the night sky and hopefully wrapped up warm (Sutherland is one of the coldest places in South Africa at night). We are just finishing off the last of the spots for Wieden + Kennedy (Delhi) and Nokia. It’s been a great shoot, using both DSLR and 35mm. We’ve seen some of the images and we can understand why Wieden and Nokia are so happy – it looks amazing. We are also happy as we got to meet some amazing people working at Wieden and we got to work again with Mel Gore-Grimes and Zubin Mistry.

Here are some photos from set…

Brad chopping, err cutting, err prepping the silver dust.

Fabulous cape dawn.

The new driver – his name is Sean.

Torban and Mel out on the salt pan.

Zubin changing a lens.

Unbelievable light at sunrise.