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Stills from the Abu Dhabi shoot for Ogilvy

Here are some stills from the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority shoot. Featured stars are Bev Green, Marc Bernadout, Jeff Darling, Yanni Papadopopopodropodopolis & Iris “Vinnigkom” Vinnicombe.

You know you are shooting in Abu Dhabi when the talent arrives on set in a farrari

Jeff Darling getting close to the action

Sheikh Zayid Mosque – Breathtaking


Iris LOVED the farrari world rolercoaster

Nobody can accuse Jeff of not getting his feet wet

Jeff with his camera of choice – Canon 5D

Marc Benardout and model

Three wise ladies…err wait

My favorite shot of Yanni, going Bedouin

Bev and Iris discussing budgets and err nail salons