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Pittsburgh, the rust-belt town that became a battleground in the latest presidential election. Pittsburgh, the tough as nails side with true grit, that struck back in the 4th quarter to seal an epic victory, making them THE most successful SuperBowl side ever!

As sports-fans it was an incredible game, but one of the best parts is always the half-time ad-break. This year included some great, some good and some meh. Judge for yourself – just click here to view them.
The best include a very funny Conan O’Brein, zany pets, moon-buggy antics and the E Trade talking babies courtesy of Smuggler’s Randy Krallman and our personal favourite the Hulu Commercial (Hulu allows you to watch US network content on the internet – but only in the US, which is incredibly lame)
Please note we did not make this ad, but we did enjoy it!