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Some photos of the Kenya shoot for Smuggler

Torben went up to Kenya for a shoot for Google and Smuggler. It was a small shoot, but was one of those stories that just needed to be told.

It’s the story about how Google changes lives every day. A farmer in rural Kenya uses Google to find out why his potato crop is dying…

We flew up to Kenya with key crew to a warm Kenyan greeting by Ginger, of Ginger Ink, our service partner.

Our story takes us to rural Kenya and Samir and his DOP Michael captured it perfectly.

Samir, Michael and John in a field

the post laboratory where the decoding was done (no not really).

too cool for school

Ginger helping to cut the beautiful cake that had been made for us

Torben definitely idling, as to chewing miraa...

John, Torben, Justin, William and Francis all at the equator.

Michael filming Zach Matere, the farmer who Googled