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Snorris, sad goodbyes, swineflu, a fella called Jallo and a website for film nerds

It’s with heavy hearts that we bid goodbye to the Snorris, Dennis, Sean, Gayleen, Fred, Lindsay and the rest of the Aquafresh crew. We had a little production get-together on friday night and Leila and Wilmare provided the light entertainment after they arrived from one of the champagne fridays’ that the Cape Royale has been hosting. As Jallo, the Swedish DP told us “Wilmare was very funny on friday night”. 

Il Leone was the venue and we were helped through our meal by several lovely friends from Stellenbosch – Meerlust Pinot Noir and Kevin Arnold Shiraz
On a totally different note, we can also guarantee our clients that while the rest of the world battens down the hatches against Swineflu, that South Africa is Swineflu free 🙂 If you are worried – you can get CDC updates here (what a great ad for Twitter!)
There is also a great new website for film-nerds to get together and talk about film. It’s called the auteurs and the forums around films are a class higher than the “OMG Colin Farrell is so hot in ‘In Bruge'” that you get on iMDB. Click here to have a look.