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Shooting with Randy Krallman of Smuggler

We don’t know how he does it, but Randy Krallman has carved himself a niche doing spots that resemble a “Flight of the Conchords” or an “Extras” episode rather than ads. The creepy Starburst Edwardian midget , the funny lady lick Old Spice ad, the Steinlager “win Nicks life” ad that finishes with the New Zealand anthem (what us South Africans usually hear before giving the All Blacks a beating!).

We think it is because he has mastered the uniquely English humour that digs into that uncomfortable spot, where you don’t know whether to laugh or scream from the excrutiating barbs (The Office, Extras & The Peep Show).

We look forward to meeting him next week, despite the fact that he is a Manchester United supporter.

Have a look at this as an example of his early work before he jumped the fence to the production side…