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Sainsbury’s shoot for Therapy and Simon Green

Well Simon Green has now been with us for 2 shoots this season, making up for his complete no-show for the last 2 seasons 😉 This time he managed to drag Barry Hughes down with him for the Sainsbury’s, AMV BBDO shoot.

As part of a long-running campaign it really felt like a bunch of old friends getting together again (which it was). The quiet professionalism of all involved was a marvelous way to shoot. Hell, even I got involved as an extra – “Big man with a chihuahua”. Bibi, the office labrador, was dismissed though from being involved for “being too excitable and pooing within 5 minutes of arriving on set”.

Here are some photos of the shoot:

a less contemplative looking Gee

My co-star Joey

Barry looking saucy

Simon and Frederico, the DP, looking at the monitor

The agency next to the pool