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Red Leader standing by…

Technology is coming! As the seasons progress we get asked more and more for the film alternatives. Being the service-minded people that we are, we have to make certain that you never have to leave your comfort-zone when handling new technology and that you have confidence that your footage captured will interface with your post process to give you the best result.

Enter Caleb of Red One Africa, a native of Portland Oregon, who has been working with the Red One since beta phase. With the camera technician jumping in seniority to the lynch-pin on set, we feel confident offering his services as the technician who can get the most out the red camera for you.

The system includes multiple back-ups from the RedHD, on-set rushes if necessary, footage to offline edit if necessary and he will keep a 3rd back-up for 48 hours in case the world explodes 😉

He will also talk with your post people to make sure that the Red footage meta-file is tweaked properly so that your colourist is not having to make-up, but is rather adding to the footage instead.

Have a look at this commercial for the University of Pretoria shot on the Red One: