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PrimoPDF 6.1 update download free

PrimoPDF 6.1

PrimoPDF 6.1 update download free


PrimoPDF 6.1

PrimoPDF is a free program, applications on your computer that lets you create PDF files.

In fact, it is free PrimoPDF is all the more interesting applications of PDF to PDF is often the problem is really expensive dezake.Beste create programs inevitably change the format of your text when you convert your PDF documents to you. PrimoPDF avoids this, however, as with PDF gisa.Gainera original faithfully, and as soon as it is determined.

Once installed, PrimoPDF printer preferencesIt also appears as a virtual printer. You can just drag your files to a desktop link I make changes, and if you look at the interface of the main PrimoPDF, opportunity, password, and then email your creations, including the ability to add PDF you can customize.

The real important PDF AAdobe their virtual printing laughing all the way.


Double byte character support, better support for Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT are supported, and PDF Windowsenvironments, and the entire machine-bit onartzen64

40 / encryption, 128-bit secure PDFs, PDF files, provides the highest level of protection. Among the settings, change the password is enabled, disable printing, disable copy / image, disable comments, disable text editing, disable the add-ons.

Fill documents (title, author, subject, keywords) PDF file conversion, resulting in faster and easier to find the documents in PDF.

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