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Photos from the VIASAT visit

Devilfish were back with us last week after many many moons. The last time they were here we almost lost Shanti the grip to a great white shark as we had to capture the footage of a great white eating the five logo for channel five in the UK.

Nothing was going to top that in excitement, but as you will see from the pictures below it was still a very enjoyable shoot.

We welcomed back Richard and got to meet Kate Bush (no relation) and Fredrik Nordbeck, who continues the Nordic traditions of affability, talent and good looks in one package.

Karlie produced the job with effortless skill and we wrapped well within schedule, allowing everyone to indulge in a little enjoyment of Cape Town and its surrounding beauty.

Here are some shots (Richard gets all the credit for these amazing shots)

Hmmm, this outdoors spot is not inspiring enough for the PPM, let's go to...

...a mountain!

Your classic movie set setup.

Edith spying in the pantry

Outside lighting

Cape Town, place of contrasts...

not a breath of wind