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Photos from the Nike shoot for Wieden and RSA

Well that was the December that was. We just bid goodbye to Caspar, James and Jake yesterday. The whole crew who came down for the shoot have to be the most fun, likeable and nice bunch of people. We have that feeling in our belly, like when we shot the Brian Beletic spot “human chain” for Nike that this is going to be one of those amazing Nike commercials…

We’ve got some photos from several days on the shoot…

Line producer and 2 EP’s arrive on set

Bike dude heading towards Trent the DP

Niel and Caspar conferring

Jake, Hitesh and agency around the monitor

Probably the most organized script supervisor station we have ever seen

Jake and Bike-Guy chatting shop

Gatehouse EP’s Lea and Bev discussing with Bev

James looking askew and Amanda

Jake conferring with VTO ninja, Anthony English

The Start

Trent and Jake playing at ant wars

James looking askew AGAIN!