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McDonalds shoot with Carnibird

Without giving too much away for the spot, we’d like to share with you some footage and some stills from the Carnibird shoot that we just did in Joburg. We have seen a rough cut already and Justin has done a great job with the spot – it is really funny.

We have stills form Gaetan, Didier the 1st AD and from Gee, our production co-ordinator and some video showing quite possibly the most jaw-dropping idea we’ve seen in a while. Take a jet engine, strap on 2 kerosene tanks on either side, then bolt it to a chassis and place 4 wheels at each corner of the chassis. Viola! (as Gaetan would say), a jet-powered dragster. Insane? Maybe. Fast? Most definitely.

Le pit crew

The “Top Gun” shot

The “Michael Bay” shot

Mo and companion

Torban wearing a rather fetching hat

“Once more, but this time with more emotion”

[wpvideo 8maRn6fy]