Work with us

Long time no write. Loose Moose ho!

It’s been just over a month since our last entry. It’s been a helluva busy time, but this is no excuse and we intend to make amends for it.

First up was our shoot for Loose Moose productions in late November, early December. Pete Truckel and Glenn Holberton, two of the nicest geezers to ever go near a camera were the director and producer respectively. Pete is an encyclopeadia of film and comic lore and had us in stitches the whole time of the shoot and Glenn is just a gentleman.

Post-wise it was an interesting shoot with the two main Kellogg’s characters being placed amidst the sporty kids we were shooting.

Here are some photos:

Baseball was the first sport we captured.

A Peter Truckel

A grip truckel

Mickey d.l Harpe with the two stars of the film.

We would love to welcome these guys back soon. A real pleasure to work with them.