Work with us

KIA, kitty cats and kuddly Englishmen

It’s got to be a great season when you can drag Jeff Miller down twice. This time Interrogate brought down the Outsider crew, who they partner with in the US. Henry Littlechild and Ben Roberts must be two of the nicest blokes in the industry and it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. Within minutes of meeting them, we felt like they were old friends and we can’t wait to work with them again.

This time we were working with animal stars and cars. It’s a heady mix, but Helmke was her usual fabulous, professional self and handled tight production deadlines, cats and recalcitrant neighbours.

Instead of our usual snaps that we take, we have some amazing behind-the-scenes still taken by professionals on professional equipment, thus the Gatehouse blog looks more like a famous photographer’s blog, rather than the usual photo-hacks (with thanks to Stefanus)…

Cat in make-up

Dog, not in make-up

Tending to the camera in the tight roads of Sea point

Like me-wow, it’s a fake life-like fake cat

“Pawprint here please on your IPA”

Cat, camera…action

“The ball! Look! I can get the ball! It’s a ball! Woof!”