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As an end of season social, we decided to go karting on Gee’s last day (thursday last week). Personally I was quite surprised with the alacrity with which this idea got taken up. Everyone was keen, unfortunately poor Bev had to relieve the baby-sitter and was not able to join, but we all breathed a sigh of relief as we knew that her competitiveness and love of cars would mean she would win. Wendy came with but did not want to drive and the ladies Olga and Griessel were not happy to drive either.

Side bets were quickly places as the first heats were seperated into boys and girls. Helmke Schumacher turned out to be a bit of ringer, with Laila Schecter and Vanessa Hakkinen involved in a tussle for second, with Fahdwa Frantzen driving Miss Daisy to last.

Gee Lauda joined the boys and showed them a thing or two about driving a go-kart, Maynu Senna and Martin Prost being the only boys to take her on. The other places being taken by Joel Berger, Dean Alonso and Torben Brabham.

Times were calculated and it was time for the final. Gee, Maynu, Martin, Helmke, Joel and Laila being the 6 cars in the final it was always going to be tight. Joel led away from the front, but was viciously cut off at the end of the pit straight by Laila, who would have been disqualified if this had been a proper Formula 1 race for driving right up the inside. Helmke, Martin and Maynu raced away for the first three places, with Gee skidding out on the second last lap.

Pizza to finish and that was a wrap on a fantastic day