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Karaoke wrap party!!!!


Oh yes! Scenes of excess libation, warbling ditties and making friends with a deer-head – and we have the photos to prove it! Everyone goes “Oh that’s just lame”, but then the drinks get poured, the music gets cranked and suddenly you have duelling Brierleys belting out Rod Stewart at the top of their voices.

Bare Films and Smuggler joined forces for a night of drinking, eating, drinking, singing, drinking and oh! a little more drinking…

Oh the shame, oh the hilarity, oh the headache the next morning…


here is a picture of Randy deciding between “Everybody Wang Chung tonight” or “Boogie Wonderland”


We’re not proud of this last one, which has Joel declaring the deer-head “His best mate”

If you don’t want more photos posted, just send us an envelope full of cash marked “Please don’t shame me on the internet!”