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It’s almost June…

…and thoughts around the marketing globe start to turn towards the South of France. Tongues are wagging – what is Cannes going to be like in the midst of a recession? Is it wise to be seen partying hard on a yacht 6000 miles away from home when your agency just scaled back with 30% redundancies.

Prudence says no, but if you are going to go, the organisers have very kindly set out a few helpful hints on how to cut back and do Cannes on a budget
and confirmation comes from Twitter: Cannes Film Festival: champagne and foie gras off menu as recession bites the #film #industry

Gatehouse has it’s own helpful hints for you (unfortunately we will not be able to practice them as we will be shooting over the time of Cannes – so if you are going, enjoy!)
1) Book one self-catering apartment for 20 people. You aren’t really going to sleep, all you need is a place for your bags and a shower.
2) Share admission with 4 other people. Make sure the mugshot on the pass is as indistinct as possible and tick off amongst you what you want to see.
3) Drinks? Gutterbar at 3 in the morning is your best bet. Gently prise a beer from the hand of a passed-out patron (don’t worry there will be plenty) and enjoy!
4) The McDonalds in the centre of town is a very worthy option for entertaining clients (insist on getting the free toy with the McMeals).
5) If all else fails start your own festival. Convince your clients that this year to cut costs they are running the festival in Delaware / Croydon / Belgium.