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Interesting developments

Sounds very portentous and it is. Not just for Gatehouse but for film as well. We just helped out with a mini-shoot last week and we do mean mini – director, DP and a jimmy jib operator; but the real mini was the camera used.

Richard Poplak, author and friend, shot in Kimberly and then travelled back to Gatehouse HQ. We all crowded around the desk to watch the captured footage and truthfully we were all astounded at the quality.

Here it is compressed for web viewing, but you get the idea…

Footage from industrial shot on the Canon 5D placed on a jib arm.

The camera responsible for this remarkable footage? The Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

Parts of feature length movies have been shot on this camera and now people are shooting entire movies on it. At USD2900 for a body your neighbour’s brother’s dog can shoot a feature (and it probably would be better than Uwe Boll’s entire filmography).

It’s made us sit up and take notice that we need to be tailoring packages to productions that will be filming at this micro level. Maximum production value, minimum cost.