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Famous Footwear with the Snorris

It’s been a tough shoot, with nothing playing ball. The weather has been challenging to say the least, but like all good directors and production teams we made a plan and the results are there to see on the screen.

This job hung off of the stunts and Pyranha Stunts have really shone on this job. Guys we salute your “never say no” attitude and your ability to make a plan in even the most adverse of conditions.

I think that the Snorri Bros have taken shoe advertising to new heights and have challenged themselves and us in the process. Sometimes it generated vigorous debate, but at all times what was delivered has been amazing.

We’ve seen the rough edits of the 2 of the spots and they look they come from a Hollywood action blockbuster.

the red carpet stairs..

our heroine entering from above

red carpet ride


Amanda, Bev & Vanessa

A Snorri sneaking on the floor, wearing... sneakers