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Edge for JWT and Smuggler

This was such a fab shoot, allowing the lovely Neil Harris to return and bringing Gus down with his as producer. Gus and Bev go back more years than they care to remember. In fact certain marketing trips back in the day, when Gus worked in South Africa, were brought up and then hastily shoved aside as naughtiness was remembered with clarity.

Drinks with JWT at La Perla was great fun, even though the wind started to howl. Our friend Marc Algranti from Pulse Music then scurried off for some Mexican with the stragglers.

After the shoot was finished sundowners were enjoyed at the last location in Llandudno, with the standing joke being blasé Gatehousers poo-poo’ing the sunset each day as “not nearly as good as the one 3 weeks ago”, which is typically Capetonian in attitude.

The fun was epitomised by the gushing toast by John, the Edge guy, to loud whoops by Kristen, Billy, Jay and the rest of the agency.

Here are some stills of very busy people on set and Garland Momsen lazing around…

Everybody enjoying a drink on the Landudno location balcony

Kirsten marveling at the totally ordinary Cape Town sunset

Torben sporting his viking hairdo

Momsen, the dancer, the hottest one south of Habana

Bev and Laila in quite possible the nicest office ever