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D’ya like dags?

Well that was the question poised by Brad Pitt in Snatch

And yes, Gatehouse can answer the question in the affirmative, we too do like dags.

Bebe, the office labardor, is beyond excited at our latest job for Martin Brierley and Bare – we get to do one of the looroll commercials which has cute little puppy labradors in them (altogether now “awwww”).

23 Arthurs Road is full of toy dogs of all shape, size and form.

We’re just worried that Bebe might think of it is a her new plush-toy paradise and we walk in one day to see her wagging her tail, with a trail of destruction behind her 🙂

Expect to see Martin on the beach-front jogging again. It’s very rare to see a fit Englishman, so enjoy the marvel of it while he is here.