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Deliverance delivers editing service on set

Of course all we can think of is Ned Beatty and duelling banjos, but Ricky and Anthony are 2 highly skilled editors who are teaming up with Gatehouse to offer editing on-set, if so required by our clients.

We are finding more and more that with the increased pressure being placed on production companies to deliver in shorter and shorter timeframes, it can become necessary to see what we are cooking as we are cooking it. An on-set editor is becoming more and more common. Whether it’s taking the VT feed and working with that or working with yesterday’s rushes, editors are sitting at a table on-set with their high-powered laptops working on an off-line.

Anthony edited our short-movie “Unto Dust” for us and we love working with him and Ricky. Both are great guys and very talented editors.

Have a look at their stuff on their website