Work with us

Chicken Shack shoot Expert.

Unfortunately most of the details are very secret at the moment, but we can tell you that it was night shoot in the middle of down-town Cape Town. Most other details will have to remain under wraps at present until we get the okay from Alex and Philip give us the thumbs up.

The shoot itself was a balmy affair with Cape Town delivering several windless, beautiful summer nights in a row. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Alex and Philip and we look forward to welcoming them back to Gatehouse very soon.

Peter, the director, has got to be one of the most animated people we have ever worked with. After nailing a shot, he would bound out of his chair, clapping his hands, shouting “Zuper!” Such unbridled enthusiasm for his craft is unusual in such an experienced film-maker. We loved it and it was infectious to the crew, whose faces normally start to droop after 2:30am.

Here are some snaps to tide you over:

Lisa the 2nd AD, loving life at 2:30 am, with Jared in  the background

Maynu on set, with his buddy Anwar

Pieter getting close to the action by burying his head in the monitor