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Canon C300

I’ve been struggling to understand Canon’s strategy with this camera since it came out. The price point means that all HDSLR’s and even the RED Scarlett are cheaper. After seeing the video below, I’m starting to understand a little better what they are doing.

First of all the sensor is brilliant with incredibly high ISO performance and no need to run a debayering algorithm on it (so no typical clothing pattern issues that you find in digital cameras). Top class accessories ready to go and EF mount primes from Canon (if you go with the EF mount, other option being the PL mount).

The output is 4:2:2 XF codec to a compact flash memory card, which allows you to do the Arri Alexa trick of “plug and edit” after shooting.

Proof of all of this is in the pudding, this is the unofficial camera test shoot…

Hopefully we’ll see it soon in South Africa…