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Cannes 2011 (with evidence attached)

What a fantastic year at Cannes.

This is my 4th trip there and it was one of the better ones. Not only was attendance double what it was in 2009, but the enthusiasm for the work, the enthusiasm for the rosé and just the sheer enthusiasm for getting together to talk about the advertising industry was infectious and a carnival spirit reigned.

The Palais, the beaches, the Carlton Terrace, The Gutter Bar, The Martinez, the yachts, Le Croisette – they all saw more interesting facial hair, more little black dresses, more hipster hats, more rediculous heels than is quite legal.

Interesting to note was the huge influx from new territories that have had a presence at Cannes over the last couple of years, but this year were noticeably there in numbers. Brazil and India were representing hugely, as well as Poland. This is very good for the future of all our businesses.

Here is a video of The Gutter Bar at 2am Wednesday morning, please note the friendly policeman there to direct traffic around hazardous road objects like drunk creatives…

[wpvideo 4G3ykFbE]

We had an amazingly successful week, meeting new faces and old and enjoying all the sights, sounds and tastes that the South of France has to offer. Then at the end of it I let it all hang loose and got a bit the worse for wear at the South African party, only to look up and see a line-up of all clients, friends and contacts watching me weave, while battling to stay upright. Paula Mackersey – I’m looking in your direction to apportion blame.

There is even a photo of me doing “Blue Steel” with the guys from AFS…


You can safely say that we will be back in fuller force for Cannes 2012! Allez!