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Around the world in 30 days

Phineas Fogg had 80 and Gatehouse had 30 – thanks to modern technology we made it! London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and then back to New York and London. Phew! It was a great trip, where we got to catch up with some of our favourite people and meet some fantastic new people. We are excited to welcome eveybody to South Africa.

Personal highlights include sweetbreads at an Italian restaurant in LA, Montecristo number 2’s at a dingy hotel on Long Island, outwitting an Armenian cab driver in LA and spotting a Jonas brother from afar.

Now we are back to busy busy busy mode in Cape Town making our welcome as warm as it can be.

Here is a picture of something that tickled us pink in the village (and that takes a lot considering our corporate colours)…it’s a picture outside Cafe Mogador in the East Village of 2 dogs in dog bags, barking for food while their mistresses snack on hummus.