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A super sad farewell

Well we’ve been in denial for far too long about this. Robyn Shefer has left Gatehouse to emigrate to New Zealand – the country that has given us Flight of the Conchords, Lord of the Rings, the All Blacks and countless millions of sheep and the men that herd them.

After 8 long years working at Gatehouse, Robyn is basically a piece of the furniture and it will be impossible to replace her with someone new. Robyn, Deon and Noodle (David) are now happily in Whangerai (pronounced Fangeray) on the northern tip of the North Island. The goodbyes were tearful and we will miss her terribly, but we are happy (pronounced fappee) for her (pronounced fur) and hope (pronounced fup) that the Shefer-Fouries (pronounced Pfeffer-Hourees) settle in nicely to their new home (pronounced bfoam).

We know they’ll be back someday (damn that denial thing is hard to get away from!) Catch up on all your Robyn, David and Deon news here