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Cannes 2011!

For the first time in 3 years we are making the journey to the South of France, to errr work, ummm to network, well to be honest to drink rose and to “meet” people on the terrace of the Majestic at 3am. Yes, lots of business gets done at 3am.

Errm now how do you blow this 'ere voovoozaylah?

Unfortunately it is not the lovely Bev that is making it, it is the lesser of the Gatehousers that is making it. You can contact Joel at his email address: or Skype / Whatsapp or any of the new fangled VoIP solutions that you like to use on your iPhone.

Finns finning in the bay...

Gatehouse is sponsoring the South African party this year and it is, of course, THE party to go to on the Friday night. Please contact Joel if you want a ticket.

The better half that will not be there 🙁

Otherwise we will see you on Le Croisette or in the Gutter Bar, passed out, at a table, clutching a beer bottle in each hand, at 6am (as a nameless London creative was).

Bev seen several years ago in Cannes