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2008 xmas party

Here are some snaps from the xmas party at Casa Green. They came, they ate, they swam, the refused to leave even after it got dark. Suffice to say if you invite Gatehouse to your party we’ll be the last to leave…A fabulous afternoon in the Cape Town sunshine with coal-cooked meat, salads, snacks and drinks galore was had by all. Then babies were put to sleep and a chilled evening on the balcony and then a night of excess… at least Xmas only comes once a year 😉

Today being the 5th we are all back at work and luckily we can all face each other with a minimum of embarrassment and we all look forward to welcoming you to Cape Town in 2009.


late lunch on the balcony
Natascha and Punky
Maynu, Tharaa and Punky
M-Dog (Morne) and Torben
Annie and Terry (who is a great guy for a Liverpool supporter)