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Smuggler, Guard and the Intel spots

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The Guard Brothers bring their distinct brand of film-making to these two Intel spots that highlight the change personal computing is going through. No longer is it okay to be ... More

Behind the scenes on Intel

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Intel was an interesting shoot in studio for the Guard Bros and Smuggler. After our last shoot with them, which included a child’s family birthday, with 3 four year-olds, grandparents, ... More

Optum job for Smuggler, BBDO and the Guard Brothers

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This summer the Guard Brothers spent some QT with us at Gatehouse here in Cape Town. We got to know Charlie and Tom pretty well and they are indeed lovely, ... More

Halls – finished commercials…

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and here is the second one… More

Halls for Smuggler

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Here are some photos from the Smuggler shoot we did with Halls and JWT.It was the second of three shoots that we did with the lovely Guard Brothers – Charlie ... More