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Coca Cola for Samir – finished commercials

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Here are the final commercials for TwoFifteenMcCann More

Coca-Cola for Samir Mallal

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Earlier this year we did a couple of lovely little spots for Coca Cola in Africa and the Middle East. They are small scope, telling universal stories of modern family ... More

Google and Zach

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Here is the short movie that we did for Google with our friends at Smuggler. It’s about using Google to make one’s life better, as well as the community around. ... More

Some photos of the Kenya shoot for Smuggler

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Torben went up to Kenya for a shoot for Google and Smuggler. It was a small shoot, but was one of those stories that just needed to be told. It’s ... More

Finished commercial for Smirnoff

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Product: Smirnoff Date: August 2011 Title: Be There More