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Stills from the Pepsi “Moving Pitch” commercial

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Just got some stills from Pepsi HQ (quite possible one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen). Coming together. Kaka says hi to Mr. Meerkat. The pitch moving ... More

Pepsi “Moving Pitch” discussed on Radio 702

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Andy Rice and Jenny Crwys-Williams discuss advertising once a week on Radio 702. This week they got down to discussing Pepsi’s “Moving Pitch” commercial, which is amazing for 2 reasons: ... More

Behind the Scenes on Pepsi “Moving Pitch”

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It’s all very quick, but you can get to see tireless Gatehousers toiling away in the background of this making-of doccie featuring Akon in front of giraffes and Henry in ... More

Pepsi is out!

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I know that exclamation points in the subject makes me a n00b, but have been holding this news in for the last 8 months. If you read the blog then ... More

Mountain Dew for Rattling Stick and BBDO

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Product: Mountain Dew Date: December 2006 More