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More photos from Cottonelle

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Stills from Cotonelle

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You’ve seen the prep photos, now here are some photos that show how amazing Cottonelle looks when we shot it… More

D’ya like dags?

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Well that was the question poised by Brad Pitt in Snatch And yes, Gatehouse can answer the question in the affirmative, we too do like dags. Bebe, the office labardor, ... More

Bare Films come to town

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The fabulous Clare Timmsy and the Bare Films contingent have been gracing our offices with their presence for the last week.  Martin Brierley directed a Weedol spot for DLKW and ... More

Finished commercial for Weedol

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Product: Weedol Date: February 2008 Title: Untitled More

Finished commercial for Johnson & Johnson

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Product: Johnson & Johnson Date: December 2005 Title: Untitled More