Bev Green:

It was for Beverley Green that the title Über Executive Producer was created. Captain and matriarch of our enterprise, Bev is the consummate service provider with over 16 years of intense experience – more than half of which in the servicing sector.

Her standing in the local (and international) industry speaks volumes for her professionalism, integrity and depth of experience.

Joel Wynne:

Joel is a nine year newbie of the film industry having worked in advertising, marketing, finance and computers before he joined Gatehouse. He has grown from marketing manager to general manager and is responsible for the smooth running behind the scenes of everything other than the production. He is a walking book of film lore and loves to quote obscure lines from movies, usually in a bad accent.

Maynu Jaffer:

A paragon of efficiency, our resident bean-counter started off his career in the Financial Services sector, but eventually found an environment that perfectly suits his un-suit-like persona.
After 12 years with Gatehouse, Maynu still believes our crew is a lot saner than his former corporate colleagues. “At least you guys are weird 24 hours a day!” Maynu explains.

Torben Bulbring:

It takes more than the average producer to get a McDonalds to turn off their neon signage because it was reflecting in the window of a dressed Burger King they were shooting.
… And that’s just the tip of Torben’s empassioned, determined approach to getting it perfect. But then, calling Torben “more than your average producer” is like calling Cape Town “more than your average fishing village”.

Where most people have hairstyles, Torben has anarchy. But inside the cranium, though, it’s pure order, focus, and professionalism.

He manages to seamlessly combine a calm, old-hand insight with a youthful enthusiasm that belies his fourteen years in the industry.

Karin Tanchel:

“Tannie” Karin as we call her, is an industry veteran who gave Joel his first job as a runner in the film industry. With a a wealth of experience Karin has joined Gatehouse as an in-house bidder for the past 4 seasons. We’re pretty sure that there is no-one in the local industry that she has not worked with and that there is no question that she has never been asked. What’s makes her really great though is that with a cheerful voice she can unlock any intransigent person and get what she wants.

Dean Kruger:

Dean Kruger is a veteran of the industry having come to research via being a location scout. What we like about him the most is his attention to detail. It’s not good enough for him to just present locations, he has to manage the database, archive jobs, clean up servers, add metadata to location databases and that’s just before lunch. His approach is to over-deliver within the designated time allotted.

In short: we love him.

Laila Shrand:

Laila is the person for whom the word “permalance” was invented. This is her 8th season with Gatehouse and at the end of each we bid her farewell to go off and do features around the world, but she always pitches up on our doorstep come September. Laila is a processing machine and is the engine room on which our productions rest.

Tom Southey:

Tom is the second pillar of our research department. Always ready with a story at the lunch table, Tom is a capable adjunct to Dean. His passion for film, conspiracy theories, tv series, current affairs and politics is quite evident if you spend more than two seconds in his company.

Phumeza Maqala:

Phumeza started off her life at Gatehouse as a barista, elevating an already thriving coffee culture here to an art-form. We got personal messages on our coffee every morning. This season Phumeza took some time off to have a baby, but now she is back and has gone onto the switchboard and is the voice of Gatehouse in your ear when you phone us.

Olga and Grissel:

We’ve already told you about the soul food Olgie serves up daily in Casa Olga, with consummate talent and love. Grissel is Olgie’s right hand, and it’s her responsibility that the office remains spotless and orderly.

Mia Goldblatt:

Mia is our office manager, who makes sure that everything in the office runs smoothly. That tray of goodies in our board-room, while you are on a conference call? Mia. The fresh towel and products in the bathrooms? Mia. The earth-friendly ink and the recycled paper in the machine printing your callsheet? Mia. The fresh, cold juice after a long, hot tech recce? Mia. You get the idea…

Wendy Boise:

Wendy is our talent co-ordinator and joint office manager. Having just had a baby, she is now a full-time mom as well. While juggling these 3 positions occupies all her time, she melds space-time to help in the kitchen too (if you are lucky she will make her apple tart roses for you).

Nawaaz Jack:

Nawaaz is Maynu’s assistant accountant. He has just been recently promoted and now has a team of 2 under him. He has come out of his shell after been thrust amongst the zoo animals for the last two years and is growing nicely into his new role.