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Monthly Archives: April 2010

March and April are birthday months

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We have decided to abridge the birthday goings on at Gatehouse in the past couple of months into a… montage (Montage! We gonna need a f*&^king montage!). Sorry where were ... More

Stills from the Pepsi “Moving Pitch” commercial

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Just got some stills from Pepsi HQ (quite possible one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen). Coming together. Kaka says hi to Mr. Meerkat. The pitch moving ... More

“The Gift” by Carl Erik Rinsch

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Normally we don’t post videos that we were not involved in, unless they are a funny comment on our industry, but for this we have to make an exception. This ... More

Guest blog post for “Confessions of an Executive Producer”

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Very happy to say that a post I submitted for Jerry’s consideration was accepted to be published on his blog while he was on Spring Break. It’s about applying new ... More