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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Photos from the Vivartia shoot

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Here are more photos, this time from the shoot for Randy Krallman and Smuggler / Stink… Randy and Wyatt in contemplative mode The monitor holds the answer… More

Photos from the Aquafresh shoot

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Here are some photos from the Aquafresh shoot…   a classically posed shot reminiscent of a Rubens or a Breughel “Loop that take” A gently smiling Snorri looking like an ... More

Karaoke wrap party!!!!

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  Oh yes! Scenes of excess libation, warbling ditties and making friends with a deer-head – and we have the photos to prove it! Everyone goes “Oh that’s just lame”, ... More

Deer in headlights

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Okay so we are done with all of our shoots for December, all but one set of clients have left for darker and rainier shores and we are drawing a ... More

Finished commercial for Vivartia

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Product: Vivartia Date: December 2008 Title: Untitled More